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oh tanki give me banned for nothing they said iam a hacker and the blocked my account in april fool’s day celebration so i can’t do more videos and in the account i was have 5 Golds + 70K crystals i just bought 5 kits of drugs then i join a battles i toke some golds but i got the banned for 1 hour then after this hour i come back to the account to find them banned it forever i asked them why and why they write the same message, i just hate that so i go to thier facebook page i asked the admin of it and he give me the key but when i send the message they said to me that ” The account will not be unblocked. ” i write to the admins and they said to me the samething then they said that : ” The further correspondence regarding this issue will be ignored. ” just give me the proof for banneding my account i want to know.
that enough here is the Super Gold Boxes Montage

Super Gold Box Montage 2016 : ►►


Music :

1. Lukas Graham – 7 Years (T-Mass Remix) [feat. Toby Romeo]
2. Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth – See You Again (Absence Remix)
3. Verm – Explode [Progressive House]


►► Aprile Fool’s day Super Gold Boxes 2016 :
►► Women’s Day Special Gold Boxes :

►Recorred : Fraps 3.5.99
►Montage : Filimora Wondershare 7.8.1
►Picture : Photoshop Cs6


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Shellfire_tanki dropped 20 000 worth of crystals! that is 20 gold boxes! In the game of tankionline, it is a physical law that JonathanC can not obtain a gold drop, however, today he received 20 goldbox. TAKE THAT HATERS. #FanGoldDrop

GoldDrops (GoldBoxes):
shelfire_ 20
flamingsword_ 1
Crystal Donations (Crystals):

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